Franconnect Support - Dapper Doughnut Franchising Site

Franchise Support

As a full-service franchisor, we provide initial support through site selection, construction phase, and initial store opening training and marketing. From there we provide ongoing support and assistance in operations, training, marketing, HR guidance, and more. We have an expert team that’s available to assist you during each step of your tenure with us.

A big proponent of our support comes from our franchise platform, FranConnect. FranConnect is a franchise management software provider that is all-encompassing, providing support from the sales process, opening your location, operations, marketing, training, and additional support.

Sales Process and Opening

When you become a new franchisee with Dapper Doughnut you will enter the Opener process, which provides you and the franchisor a list of items required in order to open your location. The opener list segments your to-do items based on projected opening date, keeping everyone on track and not bombarding you with too much information. We know that opening a new location can be an overwhelming process especially for someone who hasn’t done it before, and that’s why the opener list is so important and helpful!

Library of Documents

FranConnect consists of an entire library of documents to support you through every stage of your time as a franchisee. The library consists of marketing tools (photos, content calendars, campaign, and seasonal information), operations (recipe guides, build guides, equipment maintenance, checklists, catering information, etc.), HR Information (risk management, policy information, interview guides), and more! The library is always updated with the latest information.

Training Programs

FranConnect has a specific section designed for training and we include a full franchisee training program and a full employee training program. Training programs include a mixture of reading, videos, experiential learning and quizzes.

Additional Support

On the platform we have a communication section called DapperBuzz where we communicate with the franchisees, and the franchisees can post information, questions and can collaborate with each other. In addition to DapperBuzz there is a full Support section of FranConnect where you can create a support ticket with a specific question, and we will get back to you. When support questions are asked and answered, the system begins to create an FAQ section based on the questions asked and the information we already have within our library. This develops an all-encompassing support platform for our franchisees.