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Dapper Doughnut stands out thanks to our exceptional concept centered on providing our guests with fresh treats & coffee.

We specialize in crafting hot, delightful mini-doughnuts made fresh with each customers order. What separates us further in not only our fresh, made to order doughnuts, but also our meticulously crafted espresso, coffee, and beverage menu.

Additionally, our original doughnut milkshakes, and tantalizingly creative treat offerings complement our core business, providing our customers with even more reasons to adore Dapper Doughnut.

  • Dapper Doughnut specializes in crafting hot, delightful mini-doughnuts made fresh for each order
  • Offers meticulously crafted espresso, coffee, and beverage menu
  • Additionally, offers a specialty treats menu including the original doughnut milkshake where any doughnut flavor can become a milkshake
Store Front + Food Trailer

Each franchise fee grants new franchisees access to 2 distinct opportunities: a retail Store Front and a Food Trailer.

Our retail Store Front is strategically designed to place our Dapper Doughnut stores within vibrant retail centers and bustling retail zones that emphasize activity and community gathering.

On the other hand, our mobile Food Trailers are the ideal option for on-site presence at a wide range of occasions, including weddings, birthday parties, celebratory events, sporting events and festivals. No matter where people gather, we’re ready to serve.

The combination of operating both a retail Store Front + a mobile Food Trailer provides our Franchisees with the industries leading financial success model.

  • Franchise fee grants access to 2 distinct opportunities: a retail Store Front and a Food Trailer
  • Retail Store Front strategically placed in vibrant retail centers and bustling zones
  • Mobile Food Trailers ideal for on-site presence at weddings, parties, events, sports, and festivals
  • Operating both options provides industry-leading financial success mode
By The Numbers

Franchise Fee


Liquid Capital Requirement


Net Worth Requirement

Support & Training

We are continually looking for ways to help our franchisees generate more revenue and operational efficiency. As a franchise system, success comes from being aligned with one another and our support & training is designed to ensure that.

  • Training sessions, webinars, on-the-job training, and additional on-site training.

  • Ongoing marketing & operational support, such as digital marketing support and print collateral.

  • Access to an integrated supply chain with incredible vendor relationships.

  • Access to our real estate and development team that can assist with location strategy, store specifications, construction and in-store design.

  • Access to our nation wide financial solutions provider to assist you at every stage of your development.


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